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Gentle Pilates- Period Pain Relief Series

Why Pilates For Period Pain?

Research and experience shows that low impact exercise like Pilates has a profoundly positive impact on overall health and wellbeing, as well as period pain.

This is because one of your main focuses is on the BREATH. 

Pilates is effective for 

✅ Relief of period cramps & PMS Reduction

✅ Weight loss & reducing BMI

✅ Improves mental health, breathing & relaxation

✅ Perfect for toning the waist & hip areas

This Series Consists Of 3 Different Videos Which Have Been Crafted By A Top Pilates Instructor 'Susan Clavijo' with many years of experience. It's carefully designed to be gentle as we all know how painful period cramps and PMS can be.

What's Included:

  • Link To The Video Training Series (Sent Via Email A Few Minutes After Ordering)

*Please note that the purchase of these instructional videos is non-refundable as you will have instant access to the videos.*