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Pilates Bar- Lower Back Pain Relief Series

Why Pilates For Back Pain?

Research and experience shows that low impact exercise like Pilates has a profoundly positive impact on overall health and wellbeing, as well as back pain.

Pilates improves the mobility of the spine by treating each vertebrae as an individual bone, emphasizing sequencing of the bones of the spine to stack on top of each other in the correct alignment


This Series Consists Of 4 Different Videos Which Have Been Crafted By A Top Pilates Instructor 'Susan Clavijo' with many years of experience. It's carefully designed to be gentle as we all know how painful lower back pain can be.
Guaranteed to see or feel improvements within the first workout!

What's Included:

  • Link To The Video Training Series (Sent Via Email A Few Minutes After Ordering)

*Please note that the purchase of these instructional videos is non-refundable as you will have instant access to the videos.*