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Gentle Pilates- Period Pain Relief Series

Why Pilates For Period Pain?

Research and experience shows that low impact exercise like Pilates has a profoundly positive impact on overall health and wellbeing, as well as period pain.

This is because one of your main focuses is on the BREATH.Ā 

Pilates is effective forĀ 

āœ… Relief of period cramps & PMS Reduction

āœ… Weight loss &Ā reducingĀ BMI

āœ… Improves mental health, breathing & relaxation

āœ… Perfect for toning the waist & hip areas

This Series Consists OfĀ 3 Different Videos WhichĀ Have Been Crafted By A Top PilatesĀ InstructorĀ 'Susan Clavijo' with many years of experience. It's carefully designed to be gentle as we all know how painful period cramps and PMS can be.

What's Included:

  • Link To The Video Training Series ( Sent Via Email A Few Minutes After Ordering)

*Please note that the purchase of these instructional videos is non-refundable as you will have instant access to the videos.*