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July 15, 2022

Why is Pilates so Expensive?

Pilates is a low-impact movement that improves strength, flexibility, balance, and posture. Pilates is a fantastic way to get and remain active, fit, and in shape. However, if you are looking into starting Pilates, you are probably a bit shocked by the price tag, and you are probably left wondering, “Why is Pilates so expensive!?” 

The real question is, what makes Pilates more expensive than any other type of aerobics class available at your local gym?

Well, many different factors go into determining a price of a class! Here are some of the factors that make Pilates prices jaw-droppingly expensive!


  • Pilates Classes Are Usually Smaller 

If you attend any Pilates classes, you will probably notice that you are in a company of no more than ten people. Since Pilates classes are usually on the smaller side, the cost will naturally be higher to compensate for the instructor’s time and rent the studio space. Therefore, the fewer people attend a workout class, the more expensive it will naturally make the class. 

Some Pilates classes are larger than the standard size (they can also be online), but the downside of these classes is that the Pilates instructor will not be able to give enough personal attention to each attendee. 

Pilates is a workout that demands that the instructor work one-on-one with every person quite frequently, especially with beginners and newbies or those nursing an injury, to correct their form and make sure that everyone is getting the most out of the exercise. 


  • Pilates Is Extremely Trendy and In Demand

It is well known that demand for something determines the price, and right now, the demand for Pilates is insanely high. Even though Pilates has been around since the 1920s, it became very popular just ten years ago, and the popularity has been growing ever since. Pilates’ selling point is that it is simple but effective, very fun, and it can also be done by people at all stages of fitness and modified as needed. 


  • Becoming A Trainer for Pilates Is Expensive

Pilates trainers and Pilates instructors have to charge a lot for their classes in order to get back the funds they have invested into becoming Pilates instructors, which can be very expensive. There is an entire learning and certification process involved in becoming a Pilates instructor. To safely and beneficially practice Pilates, you need a Pilates instructor that will be able to tell you the safest and most effective ways in which to move your body, which costs. 


  • Pilates Equipment Is Expensive

Pilates is often done on equipment that is very expensive to source, not to mention that multiple pieces of equipment are needed for one class. Maintaining and periodically replacing these pieces of equipment also needs to be calculated into the price of each Pilates class. 


So, what is the alternative? 

If you are working with a tight budget that cannot accommodate the high cost of the Pilates classes, but you still want to practice Pilates and get fit, do not worry! You can easily practice Pilates at home!  



All you need is YouTube (which is full of useful Pilates-at-home content), and this Pilates bar! Using a Pilates Bar in your home Pilates workouts is going to provide additional resistance, which will make exercises more effective and more challenging. 


Need an easy way to get started? 
Check out this super beginner friendly Multifunctional Pilates Bar