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October 22, 2020

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates has become a well-known and respected exercise globally and is a popular choice of activity for hundreds of thousands of people. The number of Americans who practice Pilates regularly has grown from 1.7 million to 11 million.

This number is still increasing to this day because more and more people are getting familiar with the benefits of Pilates. Are you one of them? If not, you might want to rethink it, and we can help! We will introduce you to Pilates and some of its main benefits.


Pilates is fantastic for killer abs and core strength.

Pilates concentrates on hitting your core muscle (or 'powerhouse' as they like to call it in the Pilates world).

Pilates has impressive effects on your abdomen, lower back, hip, and pelvic muscles. A strong core is essential for exercises, but it is also necessary for everyday tasks such as carrying heavy things around and picking up your shopping bags, and even your kids.


Pilates is gentle but challenging.

You may think that Pilates is easy because many of the exercises are done in reclining or sitting positions, but do not let yourself get fooled by it. Pilate is a low-impact form of exercise that does not put pressure on your joints, perfectly gentle and safe activity for everyone. But, Pilates is still challenging enough to push you further as the intensity of the workouts increases, as categories are ranging from beginner to advanced.


Pilates is beneficial during and after pregnancy.

Pilates is beneficial for everyone, but it is incredibly helpful for pregnant women and women who have just given birth. You may not feel like doing anything while you are pregnant, but keeping your body active will prepare it for the strain of childbirth. And after the delivery, Pilates will help you recover from it and get your pre-pregnancy body back.


Pilates can assist with weight loss.

Pilates is a workout indeed, but is it ideal for weight loss? Several studies have shown that it can undoubtedly help because Pilates can help you live a healthier and rounded lifestyle and create lean muscle mass and lose the extra pounds.  


Starting Out in the Pilates world

If you are completely new or do not know how to get started, these Pilates products are perfect for you. These pieces of equipment are going to ease you into the Pilates world, and they are going to help you do the exercises properly, which will increase the impact of these exercises.