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October 22, 2020

5 Common Myths about Pilates


It is in our human nature to make assumptions about things that are unfamiliar to us. Those assumptions are often negative, and they can keep us from exploring that activity or concept. The same is true for Pilates – there are certain myths people believe about Pilates, and we are here to bring you the truth and the facts!  


Pilates is for women only.

A man (Joseph Pilates) originally designed Pilates for other men. Joseph Pilates was a boxer and circus performer, which speaks enough about his physical strength and fitness. It is true that more women than participate in Pilates programs nowadays, but that is changing. Many male sports teams are starting to incorporate Pilates exercises into their training programs, from bodybuilding to triathlon training.


Pilates is too easy.

Pilates might be easy if you are doing the exercises improperly. Exercises done during the Pilates session engage the deepest core muscles, and that is why you need to understand how to do them properly; it will allow you to reap all the benefits. That is why it is great to attend a qualified instructor’s Pilates classes; he/she can watch and correct your form as needed.


Pilates is like yoga.

The goals of Pilates and Yoga are the same (uniting body, mind, and spirit), but the approaches and techniques of these two mat-based routines are very different.  

Although there are some overlaps in the movements, Pilates and Yoga utilize very different exercises and feature different breathing styles. 


You don’t need equipment to do Pilates.

Many pieces of exercise equipment are there to significantly enhance the mat-based Pilates workout program. Different pieces of Pilates equipment (like a Pilates ring or a Pilates Bar) are a HUGE plus that makes the workout easier and more effective for beginners. Pilates equipment is going to make it easier to learn to and do Pilates exercises, and it will increase the effects of the exercises.


Pilates is only for young, fit people.

This myth is the furthest thing from the truth- Pilates is meant to be enjoyed by almost everyone. Approach to Pilates can have a wide range of applications that can be customized, depending on the person who will be doing it.  There are special Pilates classes that target children, athletes, seniors, or moms to be. Pilates classes can also be for the rehabilitation of knee injuries, back problems, hip replacements, and other injuries.